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Quality and Assurance Policy

Quality and Assurance

Our quality assurance team, in line with quality standards and based on the needs of the customer, controls every stage of production and aims to produce the product with the highest efficiency.

Genject follows the technological innovations in the face of the changing needs of the world, thanks to its strong team. It guarantees that it will maintain its leading position in the market by keeping the products up-to-date with its innovative approach. Our motto is to produce quality.


Quality policy

Our company has adopted as a principle the continuity of the confidence it has built and quality, which has become the icon of this confidence.With the quality management system, it aims to constantly grow and develop in the national and international arena.

The policies determined by our company are as follows:

  • Continuous development,
  • Continuous education,
  • Quality in the product,
  • To increase efficiency,
  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • To comply with all legal requirements,
  • Participation of all employees,
  • Maintaining its effectiveness through continuous review of the quality system.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy we have adopted as Genject is based on respect for people and the environment they live in. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is the first priority in every field in which Genject A.Ş. operates, and this is also our social responsibility. Everyone is obliged to do what is necessary within the limits of their authority in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment. One of our most important goals is to protect all our employees and the environment we live in against the possible risks of our line of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is subjected to the following tests specified in ISO 13485:2016 standards:

  • Biocompatibility test
  • Chemical tests
  • Needle tests
  • Packaging tests
  • Visual tests
  • Biological tests
  • Mechanical tests

Each of our products that comply with CE conditions are subjected to tests determined in the ISO 13485:2016 standard. These tests are repeated according to the intervals determined in the standard. Our tests are carried out by laboratories and accredited organizations approved by TÜRKAK or having relevant qualifications.

  • Selecting the suppliers, dealers and authorized dealers to work with according to objective criteria,
  • Fulfilling our obligations on time,
  • Selecting only qualified third parties with a good reference in terms of quality and integrity,
  • To carefully protect the confidential information of the suppliers, dealers and authorized dealers,
  • To treat our suppliers, dealers and authorized dealers fairly and respectfully.

In the plastic injection machines in our sterile production area, the body and pistons, which are parts of the syringe, are produced. Then, printing strings are written on the body in screen printing machines. After the body, piston and gasket are combined in assembly machines, which is the next operation, they are packed and boxed in packaging machines. Boxed products are subjected to sterilization process in our ethylene oxide devices. Afterwards, the products are ready for shipment and they are delivered to the relevant customer.

  • The packaging is not torn, has holes and the product has not come into contact with air,
  • Lot number on it, production and expiry dates.
  • We must note that its content is complete.

Genject disposable syringes are mass-produced in sterile environments, and every stage of their production is controlled, recorded and inspected. Syringe production is controlled by a fully automated system in accordance with the GMP standard. It produces its products very carefully, not ignoring human health, but completely conscious of human health.

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