"Genject Respects Your Trust. "

Genject was established in 2010 and has a closed area of 18.000 m², which it has commissioned in the ASO 2nd Organized Industrial Zone as of 2021. It is one of the most modern and new factories with the highest production capacity in Türkiye and Europe. As one of the most effective manufacturers in supplying products to many countries in our country and global markets, Genject, which is Türkiye's own brand, produces disposable hypodermic syringes and needle tips in CE and ISO 13485 standards.

Our company obtains its power from the belief of “a strong Türkiye is the producing Türkiye.”which it has developed and is adopted by all its employees.

Local Production

With our new generation machine park and new facility, we have made it our duty to be a pioneer in cutting foreign imports and ensuring the use of domestic products.

Our Policies

Genject has adopted the principle of ensuring the continuity of the trust it has created and the quality that has become the symbol of this trust. With its quality management system, it aims to "continuous development and growth" in national and international platforms.

Human Resources

We would like to see new friends among us who will adapt to the corporate culture of our company, follow the innovations and accompany us with their work, knowledge, talent and qualifications as we move our institution forward.

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