Dental Syringe | Luer Lock | 2,5ml | 27G x 50mm
Dental Syringe | 2,5ml | 27G x 50mm

Dental Syringes

With Genject brand dental syringes, our company includes Luer-Slip (40mm-50mm) and Luer-Lock (40mm-50mm) options in its production portfolio in order to ensure comfortable and safe use of our esteemed dentists.

Again, 2 different models with Luer body and Luer-Lock (lockable system) body options are designed so that you, our esteemed physicians, will not experience difficulties during use. Thanks to the lockable Luer-Lock model, easy separation of the needle from the body is prevented, resulting in a safe use.

One of the biggest reasons why Genject brand dental syringes are preferred is the special design of the needle.

Syringe Types​

Product No ml G mm
8699931753479 2 27 40
8699931753486 2 27 50
8699931754308 2.5 27 40
8699931754315 2.5 27 50
8699931754346 2.5ml luer lock 27 40
8699931754353 2.5ml luer lock 27 50

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