Blood Gas Syringe | 2.5 ml | 22G x 25 mm

Blood Gas Syringes

Each of the Genject brand blood gas syringes is designed with Electrolyte-balanced Dry Lithium Heparin to ensure analysis safety at reference product level.

Thanks to the Dry Lithium Heparin it contains, it allows the pH, PaCO2, PaO2, SO2, K+, Na+ and Glucose values ​​in the blood sample to be measured in a healthy way.

Electrolyte balanced dry heparin, 22g 1” needle sharpened at 5 angles specially designed for arterial studies, specially designed membrane filter that prevents gas leakage 100% while allowing gas escape, safe Luer-Lock locking head and needle safety cube provide its users with a unique comfort and safety. provides trust.

Blood Gas Syringe Simple

Each of the blood gas syringes bearing the Genject brand has been designed to provide analysis safety at the reference product level. Genject brand blood gas syringes contain NA, K, CL and ionized CA balanced Dry Lithium Heparin.

Electrolyte-balanced dry heparin provides a unique comfort and confidence to its user with its 22G 1” needle with 5 angle sharpening prefind cannula specially designed for arterial studies and its color design in accordance with its concept.

Genject new generation dry heparin blood gas syringes provide the user with the safest comfort for the environment and human health, as well as the functional difference it displays in terms of safety during and after application. All blood gas syringes bearing the Genject brand are manufactured in Genject facilities equipped with the latest technology and having GMP standards.

Syringe Types

Blood Gas Syringe - With Needle
Product No ml G mm
8699931759617 2.5 22 25
Blood Gas Syringe - Without Needle
Product No ml G mm
8699931759037 2.5 Without Needle

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