50ml Syringe | 50ml | 21G x 38mm
50ml Nutrition Syringe

50ml & Nutrition Syringes

Genject brand disposable 50ml and feeding syringes are produced untouched by hand in accordance with ISO 13485 and CE standards in the new production facility equipped with 2021 model machine park and state-of-the-art technology in a closed area of 18.000 m².

Genject brand 50ml sealed syringes have a shelf life of 5 years with ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization method.

It is non-toxic and pyrogen-free with centric or eccentric body options thanks to its 6% curved Luer tip.

Genject brand 50ml sealed syringes always prioritize quality by facilitating the movement of the piston thanks to the special Medical Grade silicone in the body.

Syringe Types

Product No ml G mm
8699931754001 50 İğnesiz
8699931754018 50 18 38
8699931754025 50 20 38
8699931754032 50 21 38
8699931758009 50ml katater İğnesiz

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